Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

We are a two-point charge within the United Methodist Church meaning we have one pastor who ministers to both Oakfield United Methodist Church and Tabor United Methodist Church.

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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors....

Oakfield United Methodist Church

Tabor (Eden) United Methodist Church

Stephen Minister at Oakfield/Tabor UMC

The "After People"

Stephen Ministers are lay people in the congregations of Oakfield United Methodist Church and Tabor United Methodist Church that are trained to offer one-on-one Christian care to church and community members.

All of us have times in our life when we lose a loved one, face a difficult transition, or find ourselves struggling with life. A Stephen Minister is meant to support, encourage, and listen to folks in these situations. They also will pray with and for their care receivers throughout the process.

If you know someone who may benefit from a Stephen Minister, please call Rev. Young Tae Lee (920)392-9888

To learn more about Stephen Ministry please check out theirwebsite.

​Oakfield United Methodist Church (8:45 am Service)

220 South Main St. - Oakfield WI 53065

(920) 583.3352

Tabor (Eden) United Methodist Church (10:45 am Service)

Adult Sunday School: 9:30am

Children Sunday School

N4224 Church Road - Eden WI 53019

(920) 477-6303